Community Bounties

A bounty allows a project to involve its community members to help resolve roadblocks in a faster way.


The goals listed on this page are ones that are difficult for a project starting off to handle.

If that workload is spread out within a community, the goals may be met sooner rather than later. This helps the Cryptoodle project experience growth.

Community Goals

Goals in Progress

Mint all 8,999 Free $BAG NFTs

Goal in Progress


There are a total of 8,999 free $BAG NFTs to be claimed. The more $BAG NFTs claimed by a unique person, the bigger our community grows into.

Completed Goals

Initialize the TODL-ETH trading pair on Uniswap v3

Goal Complete


The project needs around .75 ETH to initialize the TODL-WETH trading pair. This unlocks a key part of $TODL functionality.


Community members will send ETH to the Cryptoodles Treasury to help initialize the TODL-WETH trading pair. We need around .75 - 1 ETH to initialize the trading pair.

The address to send ETH to is:


Once we have enough ETH in the treasury, it will be used to initialize the TODL-WETH trading pair on Uniswap.


Use the below paramaters to initialize the TODL-WETH trading pair:

Fee Tier

Because TODL-WETH is an exotic pair, use the 1% fee tier.

Set Starting Price

We would like $TODL to be initialized with a starting price of $0.000104 USD which is roughly:

0.00000003 WETH (~$.000104 USD)

Set Price Range

Concentrate $TODL liquidity between these ranges at the beginning to help $TODL find a stable marketcap:

Min Price Range: 0.000000014942 WETH (~$0.000052 USD)

Max Price Range: 0.0000050335 WETH ( ~$.01 USD)

Picture of Settings

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