Buying Cryptoodle's Native Token $TODL

This page outlines how you can buy Cryptoodle's Native token on a popular decentralized exchange.

Buying using $renDOGE

  1. Navigate to the official SushiSwap site here. The two fields should be populated with $renDOGE and $TODL.

    • Note: If the page is not populated with these two tokens, copy paste one address in each of the empty fields:

      • $renDOGE: 0x3832d2F059E55934220881F831bE501D180671A7

      • $TODL: 0x98933f2396DBaABf812b6E6d27dA4DF109C4c55F

  2. Input the amount of $renDOGE you want to spend to acquire $TODL

  3. Click swap to confirm the transaction. Click "add to wallet" to view your $TODL in your MetaMask wallet. Alternatively, click "import tokens" in MetaMask and copy paste the official $TODL address:

    • $TODL: 0x98933f2396DBaABf812b6E6d27dA4DF109C4c55F

If you do not have $renDOGE, you can switch $TODL to $ETH or $WETH to buy $renDOGE.

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