Redeeming the $TODL Airdrop

This page outlines how to claim airdropped TODL tokens from Toodle Loot Bags via the TODL smart contract.

Redeeming TODL from Loot Bags

TODL tokens were airdropped to different Loot Bags across the Lootverse.

The airdrop for Loot Bags and More Loot Bags is paused! You can still claim the $TODL airdrop from Toodle $BAGs!

Follow the steps below to claim TODL from the Toodle Loot Bags, OG Loot Bags, and More Loot Bags that you own:

  1. Navigate to the official TODL smart contract on Etherscan here.

  2. Depending on if you want to claim TODL from Toodle Loot Bags, OG Loot Bags, or More Loot Bags, expand the 3rd, 4th, or 5th option. In the example below, we expanded the 5th function to redeem TODL from Toodle Loot Bags.

  3. Click confirm to claim the TODL from the Toodle Loot Bags provided. If you own a lot of Toodle Loot Bags, it is recommended to claim in batches instead of one transaction to prevent "out of gas" errors.

  4. If TODL has not yet been claimed for the Loot Bags you provided, the gas fees should be small to claim.

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