Cryptoodles Loot $BAG

This is the official white paper for the Cryptoodles Toodle Loot $BAG project.

Introduction to Toodle $BAG

Cryptoodles Loot $BAG is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the Ethereum blockchain. There are a total of 10,000 Toodle $BAGs, with $BAG numbers 1-8,999 that can be minted for free:

Toodle Loot Bag NFT's

A Toodle $BAG NFT is a unique authentication token that is designed to give the token holder elevated access to the evolving Cryptoodles Metaverse. Examples include:

  • Opportunity to mint the first Toodles (Genesis Toodles)

  • Owning a piece of Land in the Cryptoodles Metaverse

  • Ability to vote on how the Cryptoodles Metaverse should expand

Everyone can participate in the Cryptoodles Metaverse, but not everyone will own a Toodle $BAG NFT. Once the original Toodle $BAGs have all been minted, those 10,000 token holders own the only Toodle $BAGs that will ever be created in the Cryptoodles project.

Do Toodle $BAGs Have Value?

The value behind a Toodle $BAG is its function to act as an authentication token into the Cryptoodles Metaverse. Think of it like a VIP pass into an establishment.

An authentication token is "something" that allows a computer system to grant specific rights and access to the token holder.

Because only 10,000 of these authentication tokens ($BAG) will ever be created, the value of holding one is pegged to being a part of a group that receives extra perks and access for the lifetime of the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

Will My Toodle $BAG Be a List of Words Forever?

Don't be deceived of how simple this idea is, Toodle. What people fail to do is zoom out and view the bigger picture.

Welcome to Cryptoodles, where we're transforming simple concepts into one of the complex Metaverse ideas on the blockchain. Think about lego pieces and being able to create a Metaverse using the pieces that you and everyone else owns.

The list of random words turns out to be a digital screen inside of a room, filled with objects and items that the NFT holder didn't know they owned.

From the Toodle Loot $BAG #1 NFT, we can see there's a Toodle (that dog figure), a digital screen of the Toodle $BAG, some equipment, and a special chest all in a room. We can see that the Toodle Loot $BAG NFT only scratches the surface of a bigger story ahead.

Owning a Toodle Loot $BAG is far more than owning a list of words. It's claiming ownership of building blocks that will makeup the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

What about Loot (for Adventurers) and More Loot $BAGs?

Loot and More Loot $BAGs will also be a part of our project. Check out what Loot Bag #1 looks like in the Cryptoodle Metaverse:

Toodle $BAGs as Building Blocks

We've learned that Toodle $BAGs act as an authentication token in the Cryptoodle Metaverse. It's more than a list of words, but is instead an actual object, depicted as a digital screen in a room within the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

In this section, we explore what these objects, or "building blocks", means for a Toodle Loot $BAG holder.

"Toodle" Building Block

A "Toodle" is a character in the Cryptoodle Metaverse and is used as someone's digital ID. You can think of it as a playable character that's needed in order to explore the Cryptoodle Metaverse. Without ownership of a Toodle, one can only observe. Owning a Toodle though allows you to participate in the world of Cryptoodles.

Toodles come in different forms, but common ones are dog looking characters which can be minted from Toodle Loot Bags:

Loot Bag Type# of Genesis Toodles# of Toodles# of NPC ToodlesSmart Contract Address

Toodle Loot Bag




Coming Soon

The 10,000 Genesis Toodles are special because:

  • Genesis Toodles hold the "breeding algorithm" for the creation of new Toodles

  • Genesis Toodles will only ever be minted once in a lifetime, one per $BAG as a 1:1 NFT

  • Genesis Toodles are treated as the first generation of users that govern the rules and foundation of the Cryptoodle Metaverse

"$BAG" Building Block

$BAG stands for: backend authentication gateway.

Your Toodle Loot Bag serves as an entry point to a part of the Cryptoodle Metaverse that cannot be accessed by everyone. The wallet address that the $BAG NFT is in holds the key to accessing this unique experience.

"Relics" Building Block

Each $BAG has a unique list of items which all are a part of the ”Relics of Toodles”. Relics can range from space ships to heavy weapons, to accessories and legendary skills.

Relics represent the origin of the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

Consider yourself lucky if you manage to own a Relic as NFT archeologists will want ownership of these Relics. As the Cryptoodle Metaverse expands and new items are crafted by Toodles, these Relics will become more valuable since they cannot be created.

In the Cryptoodle Metaverse, owning a Relic will unlock unique visuals for the holder’s Toodle that cannot be obtained in any other way asides from being one of the lucky few to mint a $BAG.

"Digital Spaces" Building Block

The Cryptoodle Metaverse expands from Toodles discovering a ”Digital Space”. Below is an example of a basic "Digital Space", which is an area that can be navigated to in the Cryptoodle Metaverse:

Owning a "Digital Space" is equivalent to owning land in the Cryptoodle Metaverse. Owning one of these allows someone to:

  • Build houses and business buildings for Toodles. A group of spaces with buildings may develop into a town.

  • Harvest the raw minerals within the space needed to craft new items and buildings.

  • Helps expand the Cryptoodle Metaverse for Toodles to explore different areas.

“$TODL Token” Building Block

The real world universe is constantly expanding. That concept holds true in the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

$TODL is a gamified token that gives life to the Cryptoodle Metaverse. It’s the reason why NPCs and monsters can respawn, minerals and materials replenish, and the number one reason the Cryptoodle Metaverse expands and grows.

Without $TODL, the expansion of the Cryptoodle Metaverse comes to a stop.

What Does Providing Liquidity Mean in Cryptoodles?

Providing liquidity means to back the $TODL token with another token like Ethereum (ETH). Toodles who provide liquidity hold the special ability to spawn life into the Cryptoodle Metaverse.

These Toodles are then rewarded with part ownership, backed by the Ethereum blockchain, of the Cryptoodle Metaverse. Imagine fighting an NPC that is controlled by another person.

Documentation on how to redeem $TODL from $BAG can be found here:

Redeeming the $TODL Airdrop

Example of Providing Liquidity in Cryptoodles

This means that if I provided liquidity to $TODL and spawned a mineable diamond, and someone in the Cryptoodle Metaverse mines that diamond, a percentage of the diamond mined automatically goes back to me.

Another example includes me spawning an NPC that sells items to other Toodles. For each item bought from the Toodle, a transaction fee that goes directly to me gets collected during the purchase.

This is a powerful concept because if I spawn 100 diamonds by providing liquidity to $TODL and all diamonds are mined, I passively earn rewards from all 100 diamonds. Same with if my NPC's store sells 100 items. I would receive the transaction fees associated to all of those 100 items sold.

To benefit from providing liquidity to $TODL on Uniswap, you can find the tutorial here:

How to Provide $TODL Liquidity


The Toodle $BAGs minted provide building blocks for the Cryptoodle project. The building blocks are:

  • Toodles -> Avatars

  • $BAG -> Authentication Token

  • Relics -> Items

  • Digital Spaces -> Land

  • $TODL Token -> Expansion

Together these building blocks allow Toodles to build the Cryptoodle Metaverse as it expands.

What’s in the Giant Chest?

The chest contains a random set of digital items and privileges to reward the first participants of Cryptoodles. These chests can be discovered only during the Alpha stage of Cryptoodles. After the Alpha, no more of these chests can be discovered. Toodles will be able to open their chests coming into the Beta.

The $BAG Theory

This section focuses on theory behind the $BAG architecture. It will feel vague, and high level, but that is to give an idea of how the idea of a $BAG NFT came to be.

At the simplest idea, $BAG is a railroad, while existing/new blockchain projects are the trains that utilize this railroad. This article goes in-depth about the different ways $BAG is positioned to bridge blockchain projects through an interconnected space.

$BAG currently has 4 layers that sit on top of each other: Foundation, Project Integration, Services Enabled, and $BAG Holders. These layers are positioned this way to be able to scale vertically, as well as horizontally with ease.

As more projects and ideas come to fruition, the layers expand horizontally. As the $BAG architecture and its framework grow, the layers expand vertically. This allows $BAG to test innovative ideas without the fear of failure bringing the project down.


This is the most important layer in the $BAG Architecture. The vision for $BAG is that it is “a simple $BAG that spawns ideas”. A $BAG can be thought of as a generational key that enables blockchain projects to connect.

Without $BAG, each project in the blockchain will have to set time apart in their roadmap to enable working with projects. $BAG gives projects access to a multiverse where they can interact with different projects through a similar language.

The Foundation layer extends vertically on the right side, to touch current and future layers of $BAG. This shows that through $BAG, projects and their ecosystems can interoperate in a shared space.

This allows for independent NFTs to be used together as if they were minted from the same project.

Project Integration

This layer contains projects that have integrated with $BAG. It contains a mix of Cryptoodle owned projects, as well as collaborations with deployed blockchain projects.

Thousands of blockchain projects are released daily which makes it challenging for projects to instantly onboard into a multiverse. There are technical challenges that need to be solved to make one project’s NFT compatible with another.

From a technical perspective, $BAG solves those challenges by giving developers a framework to quickly design, build, and onboard projects into the shared multiverse. Through this framework, services such as digital collectibles and gaming will be able to be built for each project.

From a $BAG owner’s perspective, this just means the more projects that $BAG integrates with, the more unique NFTs that can be spawned from the $BAG.

Services Enabled

This layer represents the things that you can do with $BAG and the NFTs it generates. Whether it be using the NFTs for gaming, social networking, or even trading as digital collectibles, this layer is dependent on what the community wants to do with their NFTs and the developers that create those services.

Creating services such as a game or even a marketplace sound straightforward when you’re brainstorming. In practice, this takes significant work and effort from a development perspective. Because of that, this layer may lag compared to the other layers.

However, once you’re able to interact with the NFTs you’ve accumulated over time, this layer will be the most rewarding experience for $BAG owners.

$BAG Holders

Over time, new Cryptoodle led projects, as well as collaborations with existing blockchain projects, may be developed. $BAG allows for these new NFTs to be sent to $BAG holders.

$BAG holders may also be white-listed automatically to be the first ones to gain access to new projects. This mechanism of giving higher priority for newly developed NFTs and ideas to $BAG holders decreases the need for public gas wars and puts the $BAG community first.

An example idea that could be explored is enabling PFPs (profile pictures) to be redeemed for each $BAG holder. These profile pictures can only be generated from a $BAG. If someone who does not own a $BAG wants a profile picture, they will need to get one from a $BAG holder who has listed theirs in a secondary market.


A simple $BAG that spawns ideas.

That's a powerful statement. At its core, $BAG is a hammer and a nail. At a more technical level, it’s a framework that allows blockchain projects to collaborate through a shared ecosystem with one another. Imagine if all blockchain projects that were created were able to work with each other instantly.

That is the $BAG vision.

Cryptoodles packaged that vision into an NFT with SciFi words on it. SciFi words were used to represent the technological advantage that this framework will create for projects within the blockchain industry. $BAG owners are at the core of this vision.

They hold the generative seeds to allow for current and future blockchain projects to connect. That is why this project started as a free mint. We want as many holders with $BAG NFTs.

Once all of the $BAG NFTs have been distributed, a community will form around this vision. The Cryptoodle team is focused on slow, organic growth with the goal of the project to advance blockchain technology. The community will focus on being the knowledge pioneers, and they will share this vision with other blockchain projects.

Behind the scenes, collaborative efforts with projects will be created, design and development of $BAG integration will continue into a proof of concept, and new ideas will be packaged into NFTs for $BAG owners.

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