The $TODL White Paper
This is the official white paper of the Cryptoodles native token, $TODL. This page outlines how $TODL is used in the protocol, its role, and how participants are rewarded.

Introduction to $TODL

Its role of empowering the Loot Bag Ecosystem is the reason why $TODL has value.
$TODL is an ERC-20 token that is used to power items in the Loot Bag Ecosystem. Think of it as gamified "experience" points that allows items to be differentiated from one another. $TODL has DeFi mechanics built in such as staking and burning to incentivize participation and expansion of the protocol.
$TODL does not have a set supply, but is positioned to be more deflationary than inflationary.

Overview of the Protocol

An item's experience points limit increases when people stake TODL-WETH or TODL-AGLD LP tokens for the specific item. Doing this increases the item's potential max level, and also mints new NFTs for the Cryptoodle ecosystem as an additional LP reward.
An item with a high potential max level has a higher reward rate than other items
For an item to reach its max level, the $TODL equivalent for its experience points will have to be staked in a contract. This "soft burn" removes $TODL from the circulating supply. Unstaking the $TODL from this contract will remove the experience points for the item and delevel the item.
These items are used by Toodle Mercenaries to mine additional $TODL for the ecosystem. The items of utmost importance will have a high number of $TODL staked to provide power for the items that Toodle Mercenaries to use.

Protocol Reward Rate

This section outlines the different reward rates and how they are calculated in the protocol. The formulas below are not final until the smart contracts are launched.

$TODL Mining Rewards

Toodle Mercenaries brings 3 items with them to mine $TODL:
f(x)=((mNFT(item1+item2+item3))raidMultiplier)serviceFeef(x) = ((mNFT * (item1 + item2 + item3)) *raid Multiplier)-serviceFee
The original owner of the items used by the Toodle Mercenary receives a 5% service fee from the total $TODL collected.
This mechanic enables Loot Bag NFT holders to gain passive income by leveling their items, and lending it to the $TODL miners of the protocol.

$TODL Vault Rewards

The $TODL Vault will start off with a fixed 10% reward rate for the total $TODL staked, calculated after each epoch:
f(x)=fixedRatetoodleStakedf(x) = fixedRate * toodleStaked
If you stake 1000 TODL, you will be able to claim 10 TODL after each epoch.

$TODL Treasury Reward Multiplier

A portion of the Cryptoodles treasury is used as a rewards multiplier to incentivize certain actions made in the protocol. The rewards multiplier is calculated by:
f(x)=rewardsMultipliertotalTODLEarnedf(x) = rewardsMultiplier * totalTODLEarned
An example includes Toodle Mercenaries receiving a rewardsMultiplier to their total $TODL mined. The protocol uses the rewards in its treasury to buy back $TODL at its current market price, and then redistributes it as part of the miner's total reward.

Staking Introduction

The staking mechanics for $TODL are designed in a way that grows the protocol, and rewards long term stakers. By temporarily moving $TODL out of the circulating supply, token demand from external buyers increases as less tokens are available to use to level their items.
An item's current power level directly affects how much $TODL it can yield for Mercenaries. The more $TODL that is staked for the item, the higher amount of $TODL the item can return.
LP providers are also able to stake their TODL-WETH and TODL-AGLD tokens in return for in game NFTs and increasing an item's potential max level. LP providers who stake their LP tokens is a driver for the "Click to Earn" game in the protocol.

Why Participate in the Cryptoodles Protocol

There is a lot of information to take in on this page. The protocol can be thought of as a game on a large field where participants empower the items in each other's Loot Bags. These items are then used to calculate the reward rate for $TODL miners.

Passive Growth for your Loot Bag NFT

  • Your Loot Bag is just an NFT with words. The protocol decomposes the items in your Loot Bag to turn them into gamified assets in an on chain game.
  • You can receive passive rewards by just lending the items in your bag to $TODL miners.

Fun "Click to Earn" Resource Management Blockchain Game

  • The protocol runs off of user friendly smart contracts. It is built to be a simple "Click to Earn" blockchain game that returns money in just a click of a button.

Uses your Tokens for Utility

  • Instead of your tokens sitting in a wallet, you can earn gamified rewards that can be sold for crypto by using it within a blockchain game.

Different Types of Staking

$TODL Expansion - LP Token Farming

LP providers in the $TODL protocol enable Toodle Mercanaries to effectively mine $TODL. Without LP providers, the items in each bag stays at a constant level. All items begin at lvl 0 with a cap of 0 EXP. After LP providers stake their LP tokens for an item in a bag, the item's max level and exp cap grows after each epoch.
Without LP providers staking their LP tokens, the items in each Loot Bag will stay at lvl 0 with a cap of 0 exp.

$TODL Vault - Long Term Staking Method

There is a $TODL Vault with a staking mechanism to gain $TODL passively. The vault has a .0075 ETH service fee that is charged on initial stake. This is to de-incentivize users from staking and unstaking $TODL too fast. The $TODL vault was meant to be a set and forget method of accruing $TODL for the protocol.
The service fee is sent to the Cryptoodles treasury, and used as a reward multiplier in the $TODL protocol.

Mining $TODL - Click to Earn Method

The "Click to Earn" method is a gamified way of mining $TODL in the protocol. Mining $TODL has a faster return than the $TODL Vault's Long Term Staking Method but requires a higher start up cost.
To participate in mining $TODL, you will need:
  1. 1.
    One Toodle Mercenary NFT
  2. 2.
    One item from a Loot Bag to use in the "strength" slot
  3. 3.
    One item from a Loot Bag to use in the "dexterity" slot
  4. 4.
    One item from a Loot Bag to use in the "agility" slot
You will equip the Toodle Mercenary with the items to mine $TODL. After a certain amount of time has passed, a button will appear where you can "Click to Earn" $TODL.
Note that other Toodle Mercenaries will also be mining $TODL. The items you choose has a direct affect to who will receive the most $TODL from each mining trip.
The amount of $TODL your Mercenary has mined is dependent on its items as outlined in the Reward Rate section.

Unlocking an Item's Power and Max Level

A player stakes TODL-WETH or TODL-AGLD in the Uniswap/Sushiswap pools which returns LP tokens. The LP tokens are then staked for a specific item in a Loot Bag, which increases an item's max level.
After every epoch (fancy way of saying a fixed period of time in the protocol), the item's potential max level is increased. This is treated as the LP reward, which enables an item to earn passive income in the long term.
The item's power and max level is not unlocked until $TODL is staked with the item. At that point, $TODL acts as the "experience" points for the item and levels the item accordingly.
The chart below shows the item's level and the total EXP and $TODL staked needed for the item to reach that level. As long as the $TODL is staked with that item, the power maintains that current level in the protocol.
As soon as the $TODL is unstaked from the item, the $TODL is removed from the item and delevels back to level 0 if all $TODL was unstaked.
Item Level
Total EXP Available
$TODL Staked Need to Meet Level
Loot Bag #
Greatness LVL 0
0 total EXP
Greatness LVL 1
1000 total EXP
Greatness LVL 2
2000 total EXP
Greatness LVL 3
Greatness LVL 4
Greatness LVL 5

Cryptoodles Treasury

The Cryptoodles treasury accrues assets from the service fees collected in the protocol. Examples of this includes service fees to use the $TODL Vault, and a percentage of $TODL sent from miners. The protocol controls this treasury and is mainly used to fund the advancement of the Cryptoodles protocol.
However, a portion of the treasury is used as a rewards multiplier. The rewards multiplier enables users to receive more return than initially calculated.
In the case of the rewards mutliplier, $TODL is not minted by the protocol. $TODL is instead bought from current market prices and then distributed on top of the rewards accrued.