How to Transfer Dogecoin into Ethereum

This page outlines how to convert $DOGE into $renDOGE to use for utility in the Cryptoodles project.

What is $renDOGE?

$renDOGE is an ERC-20 wrapped token that represents 1 Dogecoin within EVM compatible blockchains. Simply put 1 $renDOGE is 1 Dogecoin in the Ethereum blockchain. $renDOGE can be converted back to $DOGE at any time and transferred back to your Dogecoin wallet.

Why is $renDOGE not called $DOGE?

Even though these tokens are the same, the protocol that wrapped the token is called the Ren Project. All assets that are bridged from Ren have the sub name $ren in their name even though it is still a Dogecoin coin.

Why do I need to use $renDOGE?

When you received your Dogecoin, it lives within its own blockchain. In order for utility to be built for Dogecoin, it will need to be transferred to a blockchain that can execute smart contract code. The advantage of using Ethereum is that is the leading blockchain solution to execute smart contracts.

Without bridging your Dogecoin into a blockchain that is able to execute smart contracts, you will not be able to participate in the utility a project would provide for Dogecoin.

How do I Convert my Dogecoin to $renDOGE?

  1. Find your wallet with Dogecoin

  2. Create an Ethereum compatible wallet using MetaMask

  3. Navigate to the Ren Project's official v3 bridge here

  4. Select $DOGE under "Mint" and Ethereum under "to"

  5. Input the amount of DOGE you want to bridge into the Ethereum network. Remember to also have enough ETH in your wallet in order to execute the transaction

  6. Clicking next will open a page with an address to send your $DOGE to. Once your $DOGE is sent, you can track the progress on this page

  7. Once the bridging process receives enough confirmations, click on the "Mint $DOGE" button and $renDOGE will be sent to your MetaMask wallet

  8. Note: Make sure to import the $renDOGE token on MetaMask by copy pasting the following token address under the "Custom Token" Tab:

    • 0x3832d2F059E55934220881F831bE501D180671A7

  9. Go to your wallet page to view your bridged Dogecoin as $renDOGE. You are now ready to use your Dogecoin within Ethereum projects.

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