Migrating Your $TODL to Polygon

This page outlines how to send your $TODL onto the Polygon Network to use your $TODL in the Cryptoodles Ecosystem.

It is not necessary to migrate your $TODL to Polygon. This just gives people a way to trade and acquire $TODL with less gas fees. It is recommended to use the Ethereum network in Uniswap to trade $TODL when gas fees are low.

Why Migrate?

We chose to build on Ethereum because we believe it is the leading decentralized blockchain today. A lot of successful projects were built on top of Ethereum. However, there are challenges that comes with building on the most popular L1 to date.

The Polygon Network is a L2 solution that is compatible with the Ethereum Mainnet. Because of the current state of high gas fees in Ethereum, Cryptoodles is using Polygon as a short to mid term solution to help reduce gas fees for our users.

Migrating onto the Polygon Network will allow the Cryptoodles Ecosystem to provide the utility needed to grow its NFTs and tokens. Users will be able to interact with their collectibles in Cryptoodles with minimal gas fees, while future proofing their collectibles to be forever compatible with the Ethereum Mainnnet.

In the future, we plan to migrate all of the assets minted on Polygon back onto the Ethereum Mainnet when scalability is no longer an issue for Ethereum.


The average cost that we've seen to send $TODL onto the Polygon Network was around $60 per transaction as of 1/22/22

Have the following ready before beginning to bridge your $TODL onto the Polygon Network.

  • Access to a MetaMask Wallet

  • MetaMask wallet contains $TODL redeemed in the Ethereum Mainnet

  • $100-$125 USD worth of Ethereum to cover gas fees in your wallet

Important Things To Know

  • Sending $TODL to the Polygon Network requires two confirmations in MetaMask. Not having enough ETH to fully complete the process will result in a loss of ETH used for the first confirmation

  • Have at least $100-$125 USD worth of ETH in your wallet to cover your worse case scenario. The best case scenario is you will use only half of this or less to send $TODL onto the Polygon Network

Using the Polygon Bridge

Navigate to the official Polygon Bridge Website. Connect your MetaMask if prompted: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge

On the Deposit tab, search for "Cryptoodles Toodle Token" and select the amount of $TODL you'd like to send to the Polygon Network. It is recommended to send as many $TODL as you can. The Polygon Network will be the main layer used to return rewards.

Click Transfer to begin the process of bridging your $TODL onto Polygon. You will see an informational prompt and then a prompt that estimates the gas fee needed to send $TODL onto the Polygon Network.

Click "Continue" to navigate onto the last prompt.

Note: Click "Continue" on the "Confirm Transfer" prompt to check the actual gas estimates in MetaMask.

The transfer will NOT initiate until you confirm the transaction in MetaMask. We've seen the gas estimates on these prompts to be overestimates. After clicking "Continue", the below prompt will show the estimated Transaction Fee.

Note: You will have to confirm the transaction twice in MetaMask in order to bridge $TODL. Both of these confirmations will use gas fees. Please ensure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover both confirmations.

Clicking "Continue" below will open MetaMask and show the actual gas fee for the transaction.

Clicking "Confirm" will send you to the "Confirm" step where you must click "Continue" again to complete the last step of the bridge. You will receive another MetaMask popup that you will have to confirm, which is another step that costs gas.

After confirming the transaction, you will be able to check the progress of your transaction on Etherscan.

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